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Christmas cards an early start…

So what a year 2020 has been so far. It started really well for my wee business. Great growth, products now in the hundreds and the next step up planned to grow into other markets. It’s not easy being a one man show but I’ve got to admit… I love it. I do everything from creating the illustrations to selling in person and dealing with the posting of orders. I work so hard that I am now on my 24 month long streak of winning OorPatts employee of the month. I know… I’m a star and I refute allegations of a fix by nobody🤔😂😂

So why so early with Christmas cards? Well… it turns Oot… i‘m no well and need a wee operation to sort Oot the madness within. I had hoped it would be sorted by now but it looks like it will be nearer November before it’s done and I will need to take a wee rest. My body is too taught for stitches, so a period of not moving will be needed… hence the early release of Christmas cards.

Anyhoo… here are some of this years Christmas cards for you to enjoy. Remember some can be personalised 😉 If your pal Betty is a bam… then we have a card for that.

Merry Christmas from OorPatts

Christmas cards

Name your team. Santa might support your team too.
Go on be a wee toerag….
The ladies might not get to have a ladies Christmas party but they can send a card to their pals to remind them they are thinking of them.
Santa loves Scotland.
We snow you did🤔😂👍🏻
Love each other, love Christmas.
Every day problems for a snowman. Picking his nose.
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OorPatts Glasgow adventures continue

Since the coronavirus and the Westminster government closed down my face to face business at the craft fair in Glasgow’s merchant city… I can’t say that it’s been easy.

The Westminster chancellor Rishi Sunak decided not to support new starts, self employed and others in his ‘ support package’ . He heavily funded big business with taxpayers cash and no strings attached. They are now shedding jobs after filling their pockets with our cash. Tax havens are being flooded by these rogues. Jobs are being lost in the 10’s of thousands. Why this person feels that people like myself should be excluded from the same support afforded to most, Is alarming. Even more disturbing is the fact that not only does he want me and others like me, to pay for everyone else’s support in our future taxes. This position cannot continue. This position is not only unnecessary but also shows a level of hatred of 3 million workers by a nasty government to the working population.

Scotland is also in this clowns sights. The furlough scheme will end when England decides it no longer needs it. Regardless of the wishes of the devolved Parliaments. We now find ourselves in a Union that only acts for the needs of one of the 4 countries. It is clear that the Scottish government are acting in the best interests of public health and therefore want to continue with this scheme until we find ourselves in a position that the pandemic has been suppressed and a safer, near normal working life can be achieved.

Anyway… as the chancellor continues to exploit the 3 million workers, not allowed support by the furlough scheme. It is more important than ever to buy from small businesses like mines and my friends. #SupportSmallBusiness

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Thankyou for being a friend

Through this difficult time for us all. I hope you have coped well with all the trials and tribulations that this pandemic has brought to your door. I hope soon you can get out and meet up with family and friends and maybe new pals you’ve made via the internet, community support or front line workers.
Like most families we have lost loved ones and friends. We have missed sharing the celebrations of birthdays, we’ve missed work colleagues and weirdly… work.
The pace of life has for most folk, slowed down. For others it has just continued at the same pace. I hope you have found a way to fill your days. I hope you joy just now and for every day of your future.
Let’s hope we open up to a better world. Let’s hope we can help others… have a better day.


If it’s partners, neighbours, friends or just being good to yourself. I hope you find more joy than you need and have smiles and laughter to spare at the end of each day.
Wee Wummin
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Covid-19 I hope you are coping well

We find ourselves in interesting times. A coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. The worlds environment has started to recover some of the damage we have done to it. We can’t revert to kind and continue as we did before.

We have a real opportunity to do things differently. I hope world governments will see the opportunities from this very dark period of time.

Individually, we should use some of this time to simply enjoy being you. We are all unique… except Davie and Harry. They are twins🤔. Seriously, take the time to be you. You are awesome.

The days are long but the years are short. Shorten your days by enjoying your life.

This wee chimp lives next door.
I’ve never been a fan of selling originals but occasionally I do do it🤔👍🏻
The sausage dog.
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OorPatts Wee Wummin adventures

I had a thought. I know, very worrying. How many illustrations of my wee Wummin are there? I’ve add some pics here but not all. Not bad for 1 guy in lesss than 20 months of business.

The picture of the wee old boy holding the large pen and ink cartoon… is yer man himself and the art was in the gallery of modern art Glasgow. Not to shabby for a guy not working as an artist.

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Oor Bobs passing

I am sad to say that a huge part of our lives has passed away on Wednesday morning. Oor Bob was a rescue dog and became one of us 15 years ago. Bob was the most awesome of wee dogs. Over the years we have had many fun times. He was loved by everyone who met him. Even the tall folk that he would bark at.

It is hard to believe that he won’t be here in our lives. Many of Our illustrations include Bob and many more future illustrations will have him in pride of place.

Wee man, we will all miss you. Thanks for all the great times. From the very first day we met you. A frail wee guy with kennel cough. Scared of the big world. It didn’t take long for you to find your place in the family. Loved by all.

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The Wee folk continued #OorPatts

With my wee one man company now over a year old. Built on the ashes of a redundancy at the age of 50. I am very proud to look back and see what I have achieved over that time. From a standing start with only an idea to produce art that would make people smile, laugh, reminisce or a mix of all 3. I think I’ve done ” No bad” as they say in Scotland.

I now have over a hundred designs for prints and greetings cards. I have established my base in Glasgow’s Merchant city craft fair ( every weekend ) I’ve built my website as well as building the brand ‘ I love Us’ and many others.

It has been a rollercoaster of a journey and has brought many interesting and awesome people into my life. I can see why big companies need so many different departments to make their businesses work. Most days for me are like spinning plates. Everything from the initial image idea, to production, the sale of the finished product, finding new outlets and everything else that completes the circle.

The most important person in journey is… Mrs Patt . Without the support this beautiful person has given me, There would be no OorPatts. Thank you Mrs Patt.

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Christmas with OorPatts

Like everyone else…I am looking forward to Christmas. It has been a pleasure to produce some great products to help you celebrate Christmas. My Christmas cards are ideal to send to the people you love, as are our many prints.

If you find yourself in Glasgow at the weekend. Then why not pop down to the Merchant city craft fair. Here you can meet the artist and buy the products in person.