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One step closer to…

Well done Scotland for winning the Calcutta cup.


The pandemic has been a long, tough road. We are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. OorPatts has a few illustrations to mark these difficult times. The step by step illustration shown was a gift to the young lady who gave me my first injection of the vaccine. Her name is Shannon and it was painless and professionally done. Thankyou Shannon.

The 2 washing lines show in simple terms the subtitle changes that have happened and are now the normal in daily life.

Remember and stay safe. We have a way to go and a lot of other people to protect by our actions and doing the right thing.

As for small businesses. We are losing them. Especially those the Westminster government has chosen to abandon and withhold the financial support that all others have been given. The old saying of “ Use them or lose them “ has never been more true.

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