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February 2021 Valentine’s Day cards and gifts

This year is now full of hope. 2020 started well for OorPatts and then March brought Covid-19 and everything stopped. What we have/are going through has been a nightmare on many levels. I hope you and yours have found ways that work for you to get through. Now we have 3 vaccines, we can have some hope for the future. We understand that masks, social distancing and sanitiser, will be a part of our lives for a long time to come.

I can’t wait till I can sell face to face at another market. I love meeting the people who want to buy my art. I love the laughs, the stories and the relationships that we have built together. Even during lockdown. I have been in contact via the internet, with several of you. It’s been a joy. I’ve loved making Christmas presents for your loved ones. I wish I could show you them here. There have been some crackers. I loved illustrating the Christmas couple. The cute animals, The Staggies fan, The Chefs extended family, Scottish Indy pals and loads of other personalised illustrations.
Until the markets can be opened again. I have to keep us going. If you can, please buy from small businesses. We have lost quite a few and once they are gone. They are gone. 👍🏻🥰

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to buy your loved one a gift. Buy them from the small businesses.

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