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Finally the start of the Christmas market.

The Christmas market begins.

Today is a return to normality for OorPatts and myself. The first day of face to face trading for months. 11am till 6 pm. Exchange square, Glasgow.

I’ve been busy framing and packing and signing prints and cards. I had forgotten how much work is needed to make a trading day. There’s lots of choices to make. What products to take, how many, what will my setup look like? Do I have everything I need. Sanitiser, kitchen roll, scissors, pens, water… it’s endless🤔 but has an end🤔😂

Then there’s the fun I have talking to people. Meeting old customers and new, friends and family, other stall holders. It’s just a great feeling. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of hard work and there’s lots of standing in the cold, but it is well worth it. I wish I had started this earlier in my life.

Mrs Patt asked for bling… and this ‘I love us’ framed bling print sold out before today’s market.

I’m not carrying to many frames as they are heavy and I am…old😂😂😂 Here is an idea of what may be available and (if you buy an Unframed print) how good my art looks when it is framed.


Enjoy the adventures of the #WeeWummin and see the love in my ‘I love us’ range.

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