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Christmas cards an early start…

So what a year 2020 has been so far. It started really well for my wee business. Great growth, products now in the hundreds and the next step up planned to grow into other markets. It’s not easy being a one man show but I’ve got to admit… I love it. I do everything from creating the illustrations to selling in person and dealing with the posting of orders. I work so hard that I am now on my 24 month long streak of winning OorPatts employee of the month. I know… I’m a star and I refute allegations of a fix by nobody🤔😂😂

So why so early with Christmas cards? Well… it turns Oot… i‘m no well and need a wee operation to sort Oot the madness within. I had hoped it would be sorted by now but it looks like it will be nearer November before it’s done and I will need to take a wee rest. My body is too taught for stitches, so a period of not moving will be needed… hence the early release of Christmas cards.

Anyhoo… here are some of this years Christmas cards for you to enjoy. Remember some can be personalised 😉 If your pal Betty is a bam… then we have a card for that.

Merry Christmas from OorPatts

Christmas cards

Name your team. Santa might support your team too.
Go on be a wee toerag….
The ladies might not get to have a ladies Christmas party but they can send a card to their pals to remind them they are thinking of them.
Santa loves Scotland.
We snow you did🤔😂👍🏻
Love each other, love Christmas.
Every day problems for a snowman. Picking his nose.

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