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Thankyou for being a friend

Through this difficult time for us all. I hope you have coped well with all the trials and tribulations that this pandemic has brought to your door. I hope soon you can get out and meet up with family and friends and maybe new pals you’ve made via the internet, community support or front line workers.
Like most families we have lost loved ones and friends. We have missed sharing the celebrations of birthdays, we’ve missed work colleagues and weirdly… work.
The pace of life has for most folk, slowed down. For others it has just continued at the same pace. I hope you have found a way to fill your days. I hope you joy just now and for every day of your future.
Let’s hope we open up to a better world. Let’s hope we can help others… have a better day.


If it’s partners, neighbours, friends or just being good to yourself. I hope you find more joy than you need and have smiles and laughter to spare at the end of each day.
Wee Wummin

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