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The Wee folk continued #OorPatts

With my wee one man company now over a year old. Built on the ashes of a redundancy at the age of 50. I am very proud to look back and see what I have achieved over that time. From a standing start with only an idea to produce art that would make people smile, laugh, reminisce or a mix of all 3. I think I’ve done ” No bad” as they say in Scotland.

I now have over a hundred designs for prints and greetings cards. I have established my base in Glasgow’s Merchant city craft fair ( every weekend ) I’ve built my website as well as building the brand ‘ I love Us’ and many others.

It has been a rollercoaster of a journey and has brought many interesting and awesome people into my life. I can see why big companies need so many different departments to make their businesses work. Most days for me are like spinning plates. Everything from the initial image idea, to production, the sale of the finished product, finding new outlets and everything else that completes the circle.

The most important person in journey is… Mrs Patt . Without the support this beautiful person has given me, There would be no OorPatts. Thank you Mrs Patt.

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