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The Anniversary

As OorPatts has reached its first anniversary. It is clear that I have enjoyed the journey. Building a business from a standing start and relying on a single mans talents to produce a whole range of prints and greetings cards has been exhausting, exhilarating, a joy, hard work, fun and most of all a pleasure.

From the early days of OorPatts, when I spent months trying to find out what people wanted to buy and how to setup my stall at Glasgow’s Merchant city, Right down to thinking of product ideas, producing the illustrations, making the products and eventually selling them face to face to the public ( my favourite part ) and now online here at .It has been a rollercoaster and during this journey I have produced over 100 products. From the initial Wee Glesga wummin to the iconic celebration of the worlds redheads with ‘Ginger’ and the other ginger.

My ‘I love us’ brand started with my valentines card to Mrs Patt. Where I drew a wee couple walking hand in hand. He had a bunch of roses and she carries a bag with the words ‘ I love us’ on it. This image lead to a full brand that celebrates the love couples share and has now become the ideal anniversary gift for the people special to you.

I have also built a brand that celebrates friendship. In this life building friendships and sharing activities with others is helpful in enjoying this journey that wee all are on, Life. A picnic in the park, a holiday or a day at the seaside. Sharing your time with likeminded friends, helps build moments of joy that live in our memories forever.

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