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The history of OorPatts

Last year on the 1st of May… I found myself redundant. A happy day. The sun shone brightly in bonnie Scotland and I enjoyed the unusual weather. Not to mention spending time with the great Mrs Patt and assorted family members and friends. What to do with my future was an exciting prospect. I pondered a few options. Distill my own label of Gin🤔🤫 ( cheaper than buying other brands of gin for Mrs Patt ) Build a celebration cake business or become an illustrator. I chose the latter ( as you well know)

It started slow. I didn’t have a clue and before time I thought that this would just be a pipe dream. Sunday of week 4 saw 3 big events.

Firstly with 2 hours till the market closed… I had only took in £20.

Secondly my now good friend Ron ( with the amazing sidekick, Susan) bought one of my Unicorn mugs. This was perfect timing 🤔👍🏻

Thirdly my beautiful daughter Shannon gave me the inspiration for the best selling illustration.

The journey has seen me make some good friends and some great friends. The laughs I had with Stewart, Cat, Ally and Phil. Where a welcome addition to the tougher days. ( slow sales ) Meeting Jaq and the legendary Stan. The Coo painting bad joke lady. Ron and Susan, Framer extraordinaire and beautiful sidekick Susan. We have had many great days, not to mention laughs in our Now well established corner. Some of the most talented Artists, jewellers, photographers, poets, candle makers, soap makers and picture framers, make up our end of the craft fair.

Most importantly, all this could not have happened but for two groups of people. My family who have put up with all the wild ideas and the mess I make during the process. The grandkids who are a constant joy and my loyal customers/ friends.

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